Once a symbol of Nazi hatred and intolerance, the Pink Triangle was reclaimed as a symbol of defiance and solidarity during the rise of the queer liberation movement of the 1970s. In the 1980s, it came to symbolize the fight against the AIDS epidemic that claimed so many queer lives.

Today, while it is seen “as an empowering symbol, it is ultimately a reminder to never forget the past—and to recognize the persecution LGBTQ+ people still face around the world.”

In that spirit, Pride Lafayette has created the Pink Triangle Society as a way to recognize those supporters who dedicate themselves to making sustained monthly contributions to help us fight LGBTQ+ discrimination in north central Indiana while remembering and honoring those around the world who lost their lives because of hate and intolerance.

As a Pink Triangle Society member, you are committing yourself to helping Pride Lafayette build a more inclusive, welcoming, and diverse community.

All monthly donations — whether $5 or $50 or any amount — help support our programming that serves the LGBTQ+ community in Greater Lafayette and North Central Indiana. And by donating monthly, you’re also giving Pride Lafayette the gift of planning future programming expansions by providing a sustained source of funding.

All Pink Triangle Society members will receive a pink triangle lapel pin that can be used to spark conversations about the history of the symbol, the work of Pride Lafayette, and why you’re a monthly supporter.

Thank you for your support of Pride Lafayette and all you do to support the LGBTQ+ community in Greater Lafayette and north central Indiana.