Coming OUT Week Activities 1

We have an entire week of special programs lined up for our 4th Annual Coming OUT Week. We hope you can join us for some of these exciting and informative programs. All programs will be held at the Pride Lafayette Community Center; 640 Main, Lafayette.

Sunday, October 6 @ 7PM: Coming OUT Trans*
>> An introduction to terminology and etiquette followed by a discussion about ways to be an ally or advocate for trans* people

Monday, October 7 @ 6PM: Coming OUT Bi
>> An overview and discussion of the challenges and considerations of coming OUT as bisexual

Tuesday, October 8 @ 6PM: Come OUT and Volunteer
>> Drop in and learn about the various ways you can help the community!

Wednesday, October 9 @ 6PM: Coming OUT as an Ally
>> Learn more about being an ally and advocate for the LGBT community!

Thursday, October 10 @ 6PM: Coming OUT in Politics
>> Citizens for Civil Rights presents an overview of happenings across Indiana, the United States, and the World… and how you can help!

Friday, October 11 @ 6PM: History of National Coming Out Day / Coming OUT Stories
>> All letters of the alphabet welcome!

Saturday, October 12 @ 6PM: Coming OUT as a Parent
>> The trials and tribulations of coming out are difficult at any age, but how do parents come out to their children, other parents, and teachers?

Sunday, October 13 @ 1PM: Come OUT and Learn – Freedom Indiana
>> An overview of Freedom Indiana and different ways you can get involved!

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  • Andrew Post author

    Two Schedule Changes:

    >> “Coming OUT as a Parent”, originally scheduled for Wednesday, will now be held on Saturday.

    >> “Coming OUT as an Ally”, originally scheduled for Saturday, will now be held on Wednesday.

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